Boysenberry |

Oregon is the United States’ largest producer of boysenberries, and while the parentage of this little mystery fruit is still unknown, it is believed to be a cross between a blackberry, raspberry, and a loganberry. This Boysenberry blend features sour blond and triple ales aged in oak wine barrels for up to two years with additions of fresh, Oregon-grown boysenberries and blackberries, offering intense flavors of fresh bramble fruit with hints of black currant, pomegranate, and mint.

ALC/VOL: 6.4%
UPC Code: 856751008408

Boysenberry Tasting Notes

Color: Deep ruby with a light pink head

Nose: Ripe boysenberry, blackberry, black currant, fig, mint, raspberry preserves, pomegranate juice, black pepper

Body: Medium bodied, off dry, bright lactic acidity, medium effervescence

Flavor: Tart raspberry, ripe bramble fruit, mint, light malt sweetness